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We deliver a seasonal menu showcasing the freshness of local ingredients while incorporating high-end, artisanal Lebanese products.

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Cozinha Livre

“Cozinha livre” translates to “free-style cuisine”.

In a culinary context, it generally refers to a style of cooking that emphasizes creativity, flexibility, and freedom from strict culinary traditions.

Cheffe Cynthia, who embraces ” Cozinha livre ” often experiment with ingredients, techniques, and flavors to create unique and innovative dishes.

This approach encourages chefs to break away from rigid rules and express their individuality in the kitchen.

It’s  about exploring new ideas and pushing the boundaries of traditional culinary norms.


Salatet Malfouf
Salatet Malfouf
B.B.Q Porco Preto
b.b.q porco preto
Kafta Tuna Lisboa
kafta tuna
Touta sobremesa
soufflé glacé araq
Touta Mloukhieh
bebida com plantas
Freekeh daiquiri