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Discover a variety of artisanal products available at Dekkenit Touta located at the Restaurant!



“Dekkene” is an Arabic term that translates to “shop” or “store’’.

It is commonly used in Lebanon to refer to a small convenience store or a neighborhood shop that sells various everyday items, groceries, snacks, and ‘’mouneh’’.


“Mouneh” is an Arabic term that refers to traditional Lebanese food preservation practices.

It involves the process of preserving seasonal fruits and vegetables, as well as other food items, to ensure a steady supply throughout the year.

Mouneh includes various methods such as drying, pickling, and making jams or preserves.

The mouneh tradition also reflects the importance of self-sufficiency and sustainable food practices.

Dekkenit Touta

At dekkenit Touta, our commitment to quality extends to every jar and every bite.

 We take pride in exclusively collaborating with local small-scale producers, and embracing seasonal freshness in crafting our mouneh.

By prioritizing these partnerships, we ensure that each product reflects the essence of its origin, offering you a taste that is not only delicious but also supports local communities.

In our mouneh making, we honor the wisdom of the past while embracing the innovations of today.  

Our commitment to excellence is rooted in ancestral techniques, carefully passed down through generations.  

Yet, we don’t stop there – we add a modern touch to everything we do.
This fusion of time-honored traditions and contemporary creativity ensures that each product is a harmonious blend of heritage and innovation.

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Tomato Passata
Tomato Passata
Preserved Oranges
Preserved Oranges
Ginja Jam
Ginja Jam
conserva lisboa
Baby Eggplant Pickles